About Buffmonger

Many, many years ago our original founder member, 

Sharan, was to be found creating her handmade:

Nut, Botanic & Herbal Body Butters,
Pure Clay Face Packs,  
Tooth Whitening, Mouth Revitalizing, Breath Deodorizing, all round Brilliant Tooth Powder,
Scar Reducing  Nut & Botanical Oil remedies
Acne Treatments & Remedies,
Dry Skin Treatment & Remedies,
Soaps with Pure Natural Nut, Botanic & Herbal Oils,
Nut Oil free Buff Body Range.... and so on.

Always made by her own hand and always given with a free suggested recipe. Not because she didn't want to make it again but, because she wanted people to experiment with pure natural products for themselves. 

She sold her natural cosmetic lovely things on the Portobello Road in London's Notting Hill Gate. She purchased her main ingredients from the very nice herbalist lady under the Westway at Ladbrook Grove, West London. But, soon shops sprang up all over the place offering (so called) Natural Body & Cosmetic Products, she could not compete with the glamor nor the laminated printed labels and so she joined the quiet world of watchers. She knew, one day, that true Natural Body Cosmetic products would, again, be in the hands of the people and she would be amongst them!     

Fast forward to now...
Decades later ( and now with many Grandchildren to her name!), she's still at it . Living now, in a valley, leading out to a sandy bay, nestled between the rolling Dorset hills, whipping up her luscious, all natural recipes for healthy glowing skin and stain free whiter teeth, Aromatherapy bath oils to relax & calm the body & mind.

And so, when a dedicated enthusiast of true Natural Cosmetic Products mentioned that She and her Natural Cosmetic Lovely things were, once more,  greatly needed, she thought it was about time she set out her stall again.  

Buffmonger's lovely things are made under strict hygiene regulations.
Buffmonger carries a strict Vegan (no animal or animal products) and Halal (permitted under Islamic Law) policy.
Buffmonger do not TEST ON ANIMALS. 
Buffmonger are committed to excellence, Fair Trade and carry, with pride, their Green approach to life. 

On behalf of the Boss, thanks for reading a little about who we are, what we do and why we do it. We hope you enjoy the Buffmonger approach to natural, healthy body care and of course - Brilliant White Teeth.