Roll On Extreme vegan 30ml

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Roll On Extreme

Here's the science bit:

Dr Chris Callewaert is a 32-year-old Belgian microbiologist whose field of research covers human bromhidrosis, or body odour, (BO), specifically the odours associated with armpits.

He explains there are two types of bacteria native to the human armpit: the 'good' kind, known as staphylococci epidermis, which don't cause much in the way of dour, and the 'bad' kind, corynebacterium, which do, transforming lipids and amino acids in our sweat “into compounds which have a particular Odour.

The horrid bit:

Unfortunately, there are some people who will suffer terribly from an excess of this Odour, despite washing regularly and using numerous deodorant sprays etc. It can invade your lifestyle and cause much embarrassment.

The interesting bit:

Buffmonger's Roll On Extreme Underarm Odour Control works by not, suffocating your underarm skin by blocking your pores, or with harsh chemicals to try and stop the odour, which often doesn't work!

The “Why didn't I know that”? Bit:

One of our major components in Roll On Extreme is something your Gt, Gt Granny may have known about: White Vinegar!

The “Okay!” bit:

There are all sorts of types of vinegar but White vinegar does the job, in as much as it tackles many types of bacteria, for example: salmonella, E. coli and other “gram-negative” bacterium's and gram-negative”, corynebacterium, is exactly the problem!

Buffmonger's Roll On Extreme  will, with a fair wind, deliver 24 hour ultra odour control.

Smell how you want to smell!


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