Zit Buster Daily Action vegan 100ml

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Zit Buster Daily Action

If you have Acne your opponent is Propionibacterium.

To explain we're going to employ three different languages - Everyday English, Science& INCI. Please bare with us.

In Everyday English:

Propionibacterium is a bacteria that lives on everyone's skin.

Usually it's okay and we tolerate it but some souls can't.

Acne is probably the biggest problem, social isolation, lack of confidence & depression of teenagers and young adults, all though some suffer throughout their lives, with spotty skin.

Symptoms: Pores clog, inflammation, burning, greasiness and all sorts of other horribleness. It can even attack your gums leading to tooth loss in later years. We are told by a lady who wares full mouth dentures and has suffered with acne since being a teenager.

And so, after extensive research and trials our foundingr member, Sharan, asked that particular lady to trial as a first time user.  

Within 3 weeks that ladies skin had not only healed and its tone reversed back to her natural tone but her skin felt subtle, pain free, and the grin on her face said it all.

Here's what Science has to say:

Medcap: on the horrid bacterium:

Propionibacterium species belong to the genera of coryneforms and are the best studied because of their association with acne vulgaris. Propionibacterium species, however, can also cause numerous other types of infections, including endocarditis, postoperative shoulder infections, and neurosurgical shunt infections

Propionibacterium species are nonsporulating, gram-positive anaerobic bacilli that are considered commensal bacteria on the skin. They are usually nonpathogenic and are common contaminants of blood and body fluid cultures. These species are slow-growing and require at least 6 days for growth in culture.

Science Direct state:
P. acnes, which may contribute to comedone formation colonizes sebaceous follicles and is found in the fairly anaerobic, lipid-rich microcomedones. Colonization with P. acnes is thought to occur at some time during adolescence. In 11–15-year-olds, virtually no P. acnes is found in unaffected individuals.23However, teenagers with acne have significantly higher P. acnescounts compared to age-matched controls.24 It is a point of interest to note that, in older individuals, the number of organisms is the same in those with or without acne.23 P. acnes produces an extracellular lipase that hydrolyzes sebum triglycerides to glycerol In addition, enzymes produced by P. acnes lead to the rupture of the comedonal wall, the impetus for the larger inflammatory lesions.

Ingridents: Aqua,Vegetable Glycerine, isopropyl, Alcohol, Thymus vulgaris (Thyme) Oil, Melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil, Eugenia Caryophyllus (Clove) Flower Oil Xantham


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